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The Economic impact of the winter olympic in Vancouver Essays

The Economic impact of the winter olympic in Vancouver Essays The Economic impact of the winter olympic in Vancouver Essay The Economic impact of the winter olympic in Vancouver Essay In order to increase whole elements of a countries’ or organization welfare, a country’s government might take various policies such as tight money policies, policies to increase full employment, policies that encourage the use of technological to drive more output, and many other policies. Concerning the many kinds of policies, the government might reduce income tax rates to include increasing take-home pay for all employees. In turn, the greater wages will drive the people to spend on leisure and encourage people to supply more labor (either work longer hours or enter the labor force). This situation is also similar to government’s plan in conducting events such as technology exhibition like CommunicAsia 2005 in Singapore or upcoming World Cup 2006 in Germany. The point is that such events will attract a huge number of foreign tourists and sport fans to see the events lively that in turn favor the hospitality industry of the organizing countries. In compliance with such events, in this paper, we would like to discuss the economic impact of 2010 Winter Games Olympic in Vancouver especially on the city’s hospitality industry. II. Aims and Objectives 1. This paper aims to present multiple account economic evaluation of conducting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. The evaluation composes of three key implications: attractiveness, estimation, assessment of economic impacts 2. Using the appropriate research methodology to assess whether the 2010 Winter Olympic Games have significant economic impact on Vancouver 3. Using the relationship of research approach, deductive, quantitative to explore the relation between the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and economic growth in Vancouver, British Columbia. Using the non-participant observation method, collecting data and analyzing qualitative information from journal, books, magazine and other online materials to reach an understanding about the impact of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on economy of Vancouver III. Research Question Amidst the attractive of being visited by a huge number of sports supporters from countries that take part in the Olympic Games that in turn increase demand for workers in the hospitality industry during the Games, we might explore whether becoming the host of Olympic Games is long-term solution or only one-night euphoria. The research statements or questions are therefore† as sport industry continuously shows their attractiveness, does the 2010 Winter Olympic Games will benefits the city’s hospitality industry in Vancouver economically that in turn support the positive economy growth? † IV. Focus on Investigation Hospitality as a discipline can be defined as the provisions of food, beverages and accommodation. The industry has been one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. In the European Union alone, it is estimated that 1 of 9 people are working in the hospitality business. The United Kingdom is said to require 34,000 hospitality management personnel for the coming year only (â€Å"BA International†, 2005). The hospitality service started at the moment the guest arrives with all his/her expectations. The service’s reputation depends on how well the staffs and manager build and implements the quality standards. In this manner, we see that hospitality industry can create a huge demand for workers, thus reducing unemployment, and further perceived to speed the economy growth. Furthermore, in addition to projected income/benefits, we should consider another aspect of Winter Olympics. It is Government spending on developing facilities to support the Games. Since the assessment involves a broad range of subjects, the observations in this investigation will be designed to use appropriate materials in order to provide comprehensive conclusion on the impact of the 2010 Winter Olympic on Vancouver’s economy. The economy impact of 2010 Winter Olympic on Vancouver is generally related to the tourism business. Therefore, we see anything under the tourism industry race to enhance their product’s and services quality in order to take benefits of such a mega-event would. In this paper, we will focus on the discussion of the impact of such event in three elements in hospitality industry: revenue per available room, room supply, and hotel room demand.

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Should Social Security Be Required or voluntary Essay

Should Social Security Be Required or voluntary - Essay Example Social security is an entitlement program whereby the Congress can make changes to the benefits and eligibility of workers thus workers paying in to the social security system do not necessarily have right to receive any guaranteed benefits at the end of retirement3. Currently, billions of US dollars are spend in financing the programs through deductions on payrolls of employees and government expenditure. The social security programs also cover the unemployed and those incapable of getting employment due to disability and other disadvantages. There is an intense debate on whether social security should be a required or voluntary due to the mandatory payroll deductions and the high government tax revenues that are spend in financing the programs4. Social security is a major political issue that has attracted strong opinions across the US demographic segments. Proponents of social security maintain that it should be required while opponents of the system assert that it should be volun tary5. The debate of social security is centered on various major philosophical arguments such as the right of ownership and choice of private investment alternatives that will guarantee personal retirement income. In addition, another controversial argument that surrounds the social security is the right of the government to collect payroll taxes and finances social security and importance of wealth redistribution in the society. Accordingly, intergenerational rights such as right of those living today and the ability to impose financial burden to future generations is also a topic of intense debate in determining whether it should be required or voluntary6. Some people argue that social security is a charitable safety net while others hold that it is an earned benefit program. The other controversial debate attached to the topic is the trade-off between private wealth creation and social insurance. Thesis statement: social security should be voluntary. Opponents of social security assert that it should be voluntary since Americans will not be capable of sustaining the needs of the social security system in the future and the growing middle class should have the freedom to invest for their retirement7. Middle-income individuals pay a high proportion of their income to the program in order to secure their retirement thus hindering any opportunities for making personal viable savings and investments. Since the social security systems does not create any meaningful wealth, the benefits that individuals get after retirement are just financed by the current tax payers thus making the social security system unsustainable8. For instance, Medicare and social security accounted for 38 percent of the federal spending in 2012 fiscal year and estimates point out that the current federal spending on the programs will exceed the federal GDP growth by 2030. Accordingly, the US is currently experiencing low employment rate and increasingly aging population, thus the projecte d collections from employment will be less than the high spending that will be caused by the high number of aged individual. Accounting to the 2013 edition of the annual trustee’s reports of Medicare and Social security, the reports indicate that the trust funds must be abolished. The report indicates that 2012 Medicare benefits and social securi

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College of Business Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

College of Business - Personal Statement Example As what the College of Business website admonishes its visitors to do - "explore our programs, our people and our ideas. Be part of a brilliant future" (University of Illinois). The wholistic approach towards business education which the University offers to its students will definitely help me achieve this. The school does not only prepare its students theoretically but it also gives opportunity to practical applications through its internship program as well as the faculty members who had ample experience in the field. This brand of education from the University will be my invincible weapon to survive the battle ground. Accordingly, in several occasions I have seen how a well-grounded education as well as deep appreciation of one's culture can help a person succeed not only personally and professionally but for the whole country as well. Summer of 2006, I had a chance to visit Japan. Even though I stayed there for just a short time, I was impressed with how passionate the Japanese people are over their continuing search for the latest skill such as electronic gadgets, animation, and fashion without taking for granted their own culture and respecting other people's culture. The Japanese continuously study and train to improve in their field. They even get their education and training from abroad after which they go back to their country to bring their learning back home. I humbly say that all these professionals form part of their human capital. Through the education of College of Business, I will be able to understand how the universal economy works and may be able to bring these gigantic influences to my home country, Korea. During a high school career fair, I met a woman who is a proud and successful graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with accounting degree. Her success brought her to South Korea to work for Samsung, one of the biggest companies in my home country. She shared her thoughts about Korean culture and doing business in my country. Importantly, she explained to me how Korean culture reflects the trend of Korea economy in subtle form. This short conversation with her led me to assure that I need to go into College of Business to study accounting and comprehend the business world of Asia. The woman's talk inspired me to follow her footsteps. In both instances (Japan and the woman from Samsung), I realized the huge potential of the Asian market in the world economy. Being an Asian myself who is studying in a Western country, I wish to explore this market more deeply and contribute further to transform Asia into an equally competitive market to the global world. Furthermore, I personally realized that the money really does control the world (comment: I though you didn't want to emphasize money, I suggest we delete this sentence). Through studying the accounting thoroughly, I wish to be part of the business world with fullness of experience and achieve the development of not only my own country but also the wholeness of Asia. Thus, getting a good education from an established school like the University of

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Same Artist, Different Pictures Essay Example for Free

Same Artist, Different Pictures Essay The way artists can look at a scene in many different lights is very similar to what Earle Birney did when he wrote January Morning/Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver Lights. An artist can paint a picture of a given setting and then come back and paint a totally different painting of the same subject. The two poems share similarities but where the description of January Morning/Downtown Vancouver ends, the theme for Vancouver Lights begins. The two poems based on the same setting create entirely different ideas in the readers mind. Evidently, Birneys poems both contain very powerful descriptions, but the two descriptions have different effects on the reader. January Morning/Downtown Vancouver beautifully describes exactly the title of the poem. However, the poem missing meat or substance, does not require the reader to analyze it in any way. In contrast, the first paragraph of Vancouver Lights is also a description, but this only sets the tone and allows the reader to get a feeling of the poems future. For example, when Birney says, to look on this quilt of lamp is a troubling delight( Earle Birney, January Morning/Downtown Vancouver ) implies a hidden meaning where as, The streets wait outside / chained to their hydrants( Earle Birney, Vancouver Lights) only describes. Although the poems are written about the same city, the descriptions Birney writes differ and imply different meanings. Similarities in the two poems are hard to find because they both have different agendas. The immediate understanding of January Morning/Downtown Vancouver completely contrasts the intense thought process required to fully understand Vancouver lights. Birneys wants the reader to think about mankinds insignificance and that mankind can create and destroy itself in Vancouver Lights where as January Morning/Downtown Vancouver needs little analyses, therefore extracting the theme appears difficult because of its simplicity. When Birney writes, These Rays were ours / we made and unmade them Not the shudder of continents / doused us the moons passion nor the crash of comets ( Earle Birney, Vancouver Lights) he acknowledges the fact that mankind are creators and destroyers, but in January Morning/Downtown Vancouver the reader can not find a phrase that has a  deeper meaning. Also, Vancouver Lights has numerous references to ancient symbols such as: Phoebus, Nubian, Prometheus, Nebulae and Aldebaran. This puts Vancouver Lights on a different level from January Morning/Downtown Vancouver because it requires the reader to have some pre-conceived knowledge to understand the theme and meaning of the poem. The simplicity in January Morning/Downtown Vancouver and complexity of Vancouver Lights makes similarities of the two difficult to uncover, yet the reader can see a direct link between the two because of the setting. These two poems paint completely contrasting pictures because January Morning/Downtown Vancouver only describes while Vancouver Lights requires previous knowledge and in-depth thinking to unlock the theme. The simplicity of January Morning/Downtown Vancouver creates detailed images but Birney leaves little to the readers imagination. On the other hand, Vancouver Lights about the same setting, forces the reader to think and discover the theme on their own. Like an artist can paint different pictures of the same subject, Birney accomplishes this in his poems, January Morning/Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver Lights

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Gifts of Rain :: English Literature

Gifts of Rain Seamus Heaney's poem Gifts of Rain is divided into 4 sections. These 4 sections could symbolise the stages of life which consists of birth, childhood, adulthood and death. It could also symbolise the stages of the river in which it suggests the development of the river from it's source to where it gets strong. Or of course, it could symbolise the stages of the water cycle. Water is the symbol of life, but i can also be seen as purity, freshness or youth. In this mysterious poem, Heaney takes a simple view of life and it seems almost documentary-like. The title of the poem 'Gifts of Rain' gives it a positive feeling, but although water has it's positive aspects such as lifegiving and growth, it also has it's negative aspects, such as being dangerous or even deadly. The first section of the poem has no direction and the rhythm is irregular. This suggests that the rain may come unexpectedly and starts off somewhat jaggedly. The rest of the poem flows and has rhythm and there is regularity in each section. This mimics the movement as the rain as it comes down from the clouds. The running on in the stanzas give the sense that the rain is overflowing. Although the title of the poem gives a positive feeling, the opening line "Cloudburst and steady downpour now for days" gives the effect of a monotonous image and a depressing persistance. "He begins to sense weather by his skin" portrays nature and the sense of a survivor. The animal-like image continues for the rest of the first section and the movement of that animal continues as the animal goes "uprooting" which gives the sense of nature being destructive. Heaney may have included this deliberately to show that nature is not as angelic as people may think. The end of the section highlights the poem as "Sounding. Soundings." is what Heaney's poems are all about and more precisely, what this poem is about. "A man wading lost fields breaks the pane of flood" which starts the second section gives the effect of pain and hurt. The man survives by going along with nature and resisiting it, but it also gives the effect of danger at the same time. "Like a cut swaying" carries on the effect of being deliberate, sharp and precise and "it's red spoors" and "his hands grub" continues with the theme of the animal sort of world. The "sunken drills" give the effect of digging deep and the atlantis "he depends on" gives a hint of an insecurity of life, as if

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Karl Marx and the Idea of Communism Essay

Karl Marx’s claim that capitalism is important to human development but must be overcome and a system put into place that would eventually evolve into communism is unrealistic. Although the idea of communism, a social system designed to promote a classless society where everyone is truly equal and social problems such as racism, sexism and oppression do not exist, would be favourable to a capitalist society, it is unachievable as it doesn’t comprehend an individuals personal desire, the labour classes ability to lead or the growth and change that has occurred within capitalism since Marx. Capitalism is the social system currently within place in countries all over the world, where the means for producing and distributing goods are owned by a small collection of people, the capitalists, and the labour class, is made up of the majority of the population who sell their labour for a wage. Marx’s primary claim is that an individual’s moral, philosophical and religious ideas are reflections based on our material circumstance and that they are not autonomous driving forces in history as others have claimed. Marx concluded that ‘instead of shaping society, ideas were in fact shaped by society’ (Mann & Dann, 2005). By this he meant that the economic system of a society determines what values and principles are upheld. Therefore, an outdate society would value attributes such as honour and loyalty to keep people in line, whereas a capitalist society would value freedom and equality to keep the workforce as large and as mobile as possible to keep down wages. When a society’s economic conditions experience a fundamental change and a new class assumes supremacy after a political revolution has occurred and installed that leading class in power. Marx predicted that a communist revolution eliminating private property and the subjugation of one class by another would occur at the end of history society (Mann & Dann, 2005). Marx believed that through industrialisation, capitalism has increased the productive capability of the world’s economy but had also created two competing classes of people, the bourgeoisie, who controlled and owned the resources of production and employed wage labourers and the proletariat, who were everyday labour who didn’t own anything but their individual right to ell the labour. He felt that the nature of capitalism would guarantee that these two classes would eventually struggle against each other until the point where the working class would become sizeable and subjugated enough that it would takeover the bourgeoisie and its production resources and end the economic system known as capitalism. A socialist system would them be put into place and pure communism would progressively develop (Mann & Dann, 2005). In Marx’s theory communism is a period of historical progression that occurs from the expansion of productive forces leading to a surplus of material wealth, which allows for allocation based on freely related persons. The self-recovery of capitalism could not be predicted by Marx, as it was the introduction of a welfare state and trade unions that played their part in improving the conditions and wage of the workers of the labour class. Commons (2009) suggested that against Marx’s idea of the proletariat class becoming the ruling class of society, labour, as a class were inept in managing business and that the worker input and self-management weren’t feasible. Countries where workingmen have united for joint production of goods and rendering all services to become their own employees and have elected their own foremen, superintendents and directors have failed as labour as a class are inept to appoint their own boss because they base their election on compassion rather than the individuals competence and discipline. Individual labourers who rise out of there own class is capitalism and labourers that rise as a class to become their own boss as a class is socialism, which is unrealistic as the labour class is composed of conflicting races, sexes, religions, ages and there’s an inequality between peoples abilities and intelligence. These conflicting inequalities are brought to light in the competition for jobs and higher wages (Commons, J. R. , 2009). The great organisers of labour under a capitalist system are elected through natural selection within the industry, where the self-selection of leaders by the survival in the competitive struggle for profits mean that individuals are elected by their own success not by the votes of the individuals who work for them. These leaders are responsible to the capitalists and not to the wage earners they command as they are selected by those whose whole consideration s the profits which the can bring to the company or industry (Commons, J. R. , 2009). Marxists alleged that profit making is pure selfishness, with the implication that if the wage earners were in control, public service and not ambition would be the motivating power behind manufacture. The difference between wage earning and profit making, if there is one, is hard to see as both are the process endeavouring to get as much as possible for oneself with as little as possible (Commons, 2009). What Marx failed to see is the inherent selfishness of mankind, as each individual is self-serving to a degree, and how it would impact attempts to put into place a communist social system. In society labour, competition, capital and private property rights play an important role in creating an operational and successful economy. The division of labour allows for increases in the productive capabilities of labour and the specialisation of labour has moved society toward agriculture and manufacturing by encouraging the invention of greater technology. An individuals desire to live a comfortable life with their basic needs met creates and incentive for wage earning individuals to expend more effort within the industry to attain these wants and desires. Marx’s theory of communism can be centralized around the theory that with the abolition of private property, people would move into the final stage of social order, communism (Butgereit & Carden 2011). But with the abolition of private property and the private ownership of the means to production, the monetary prices generated by exchange that are used to appraise factors of production and determine the proportions in which those factors should be used to produce final product would not exist. When these monetary exchanges disappear so do the profits and losses the market produce to guide businesspersons on whether final product is needed within society or the resources used are being wasted (Butgereit & Carden 2011). One of the benefits Marx’s saw for communism was that the sovereignty of the proletariat would speed up the already vanishing national differences and antagonism between people due to the development of the bourgeoisies; the freedom of commerce, the world market, the uniformity in the mode of production and in the conditions of life consequent to those changes. Through this political supremacy, the proletariats would seize the capital from the bourgeoisie to concentrate all tools of production in the hands of the state and therefore increase the total productive forces as rapidly as possible. He believed that respectively that as the exploitation of on individual by another would end, so would the exploitation and hostility of one nation by another and the animosity between classes within the nation would disappear (Mann & Dann, 2005). Although capitalism has seen the expansion of the global market, introduced the concept of civilisation and given it a universal character to production and consumption in every country, Marx saw it as the Bourgeoisie exploiting this world market and creating a universal inter-dependence of nations as all nations are compelled to adopt the bourgeoisie style of production or risk extinction (Mann & Dann, 2005). Through globalisation capitalism grew in strength and the emergence of new compromising ideologies such as social democracy, which is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state (New Oxford American Dictionary, 2005), are making it stronger still. While social democracy was established from Marxism, it has been effective in generating cooperation and agreement between labour and capital in developed countries, and has helped bring about the creation of new laws concerning to minimum wage, social security and the right to strike and demonstration, which reduced the level of inequalities on the working class. But in underdeveloped countries, where the free market system and democracy are not established enough, the working class face serious problems, where individuals are forced to work for below minimum wage and have no job security due the high level of unemployment. In these countries it can be seen that capitalism still causes alienation within the labour class and Marx’s idea where a communist society is designed to promote a classless society in which everyone is truly equal would be beneficial. Although this idea of a communist society is ideal, societies throughout history, such as the Soviet Union, which failed and collapsed on itself and the Chinese, which gradually eroded and had to abandon true communism for functional capitalism in order for the society to survive, have proven through experience and profound failure that communist beliefs do not describe a plausible reality (Post-Communist Economic Systems, 2005). Although a communist society would be ideal to create equality among society, it is unattainable as Marx didn’t comprehend an individual’s personal desire, the labour classes ability to lead or the growth and change that would occur within a capitalist society to decrease the size of the economical inequality between the two classes. Through the introduction of democracy and globalisation, the capitalist social system was able to recover without dissolving into socialism and allowed laws to be put into place on behalf of labour class better working conditions and higher wages. The individuals desire to earn a higher wage has allowed for globalisation to steadily increase the need for a larger quantity of products created by the worlds resources. The efficiency and productivity levels of modern society have been steadily increasing because of industrialisation and the progressive taxation techniques implemented after Marx have allowed for the reduction of inequalities between the working and capitalist classes. By taking into consideration the theories of Marx, the modern capitalist society is working to create a fairer working environment for the working class without turning to communism as history has shown, through failed experiences, that society needs some form of a capitalist social system to use resources in the most efficient and productive way.

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Religious Liberty Paper - 1903 Words

Is our society’s strict adherence to religious freedoms costing the lives of innocent children? The Christian Science Church rely on the Establishment Clause and The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment as granting themselves and their children exemption from medical intervention. But because of their insistence in relying solely on prayer for the healing their sick children, approximately one child a month in the U.S. is known to die from an illness that would have been curable had they had medical attention. 1 Religious liberties of parents might protect their beliefs, but it should not protect their conduct of denying the rights of a child to his or her life. Section 1. of the 14th Amendment states, â€Å"No State shall make or†¦show more content†¦Walker) said the states religious exemption law applied to a neglect statute and not to the manslaughter statute.(Masskids-7) As of 2011, Oregon made it a total of six states , along with Nebraska, Hawaii, Mas sachusetts, Maryland and North Carolina to do away with religious exemptions in civil or criminal code cases pertaining to the medical care of sick or injured children. (Swan finally PDF-8) As American Christians we should rally around Constitutionally protected religious liberties granted under the First Amendment clauses but not those that compromise Bible truths. 1 John 4 says, â€Å" Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to determine if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.† Cult leaders dazzle the uniformed with the seeming insightfulness in their grasp of the Bible. (Holman Bible – find a way to cite – 9) Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy is believed to have received her insights from divine revelation and so her text Science and Health supersede all others including the Bible. (Hoekema-10) She said that she wrote Science and Health to help her befuddled members through intricacies in the Bible they just would not understands and says â€Å"†¦therefore, we recommend that Materia Medica, Physiology, Laws of Health, Mesmerism and Mediumship be given a public execution at the hands of our Sheriff, Progress. The supreme bench decides in favor ofShow MoreRelatedPol 303 Week 5 Final Paper685 Words   |  3 PagesPOL 303 WEEK 5 FINAL PAPER To purchase this visit following link: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM POL 303 WEEK 5 FINAL PAPER POL 303 Week 5 Final Paper Focus of the Final Research Paper In the Final Research Paper, you will use your critical thinking skills to analyze and evaluate a current events topic that has constitutional and political implications. Select from the list below or utilize a topic approvedRead MoreCommunity, Individuals, And Religious Liberty1415 Words   |  6 PagesIndividuals, and Religious Liberty. The end of the 16th century and beginning of 17th century witnessed the departures of various European fleets setting out on their journeys westward to explore the New World. From the Pilgrims, who came to America aboard the Mayflower, to the Puritans, who later came across their sacred â€Å"city upon a hill,† hundreds of thousands of people eagerly set sail across the Atlantic Ocean on the premise of escaping the King’s tyranny and the unchecked religious persecutionRead More The Bill of Rights and Protection of Civil Liberties Essay845 Words   |  4 PagesBill of Rights and Protection of Civil Liberties When the English came to America to escape religious persecution, things commenced at a shaky start. For example, Puritans fled from England because of religious persecution. They were being physically beaten because of their religious beliefs therefore they attempted to create a Utopia or City upon a hill in the New World. There City upon a hill began with a government based on religious beliefs. It developed into a government Read MoreCivil Liberties are Constitutional Protections Against the Government1681 Words   |  7 Pagessupport rights in theory but their support may waiver when it comes time to put those rights into practice. Civil liberties are legal constitutional protections against the government, and basically, tell the government what it cannot do. Judicial interpretations shape the nature of civil liberties, and as these interpretations change over time, so do our rights. To understand the civil liberties and freedoms we have, and how they have changed, we must examine several key Supreme Court decisions. OneRead MoreEssay on Right to Religion589 Words   |  3 Pagesaccords as well as declarations. The right to religion chiefly embraces liberty of ideas on all issues, coupled with the independence to manifest religion besides the accompanying doctrines individually or with other people, not only in public but private as well. Unfortunately, at times people are compelled to leave their habitats, as a result of persecution they meet for taking a stand for what they feel is right . This research paper focuses on the right to religion in the modern society, with a particularRead MoreComparing The Declaration Of Independence, And U.s. Constitution885 Words   |  4 PagesComparison Paper In comparing Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists, The Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution, it is evident that the basis of all three documents is the idea that all human beings possess God-given fundamental rights and that government is created to protect those rights. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, is the first of the three documents penned. This is important because it defined the rights of liberty and equalityRead MoreEssay on Reflection on the First Amendment1362 Words   |  6 Pagesthat the Constitution’s lack of adequate guarantees for civil liberties. To provide such guarantees, the First Amendment along with the other nine Amendments known as the Bill of Rights were submitted to the states for ratification on September 25, 1789 and adopted on December 15, 1791. This was a guarantee of the essential rights and liberties that were omitted in the original documents. A series of cases will be presented in this paper to provide a clear idea of the First Amendment. Cases that haveRead MoreThe Liberties Of The United States853 Words   |  4 PagesRights states the basic liberties of the people of this nation in the first ten amendments in the U.S. Constitution. However, these liberties can be met with denied liberty, while sacrificing freedom, as people live in fear threatened by racism, religious beliefs, police brutality, invasion of privacy, and the horrific terrorism acts on United States soil. The first amendment protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and other related rights. Interestingly, religious freedom is also oneRead MoreAnalysis Of The Apostle Of Republican Liberty760 Words   |  4 PagesThe Apostle of Republican Liberty stresses the accomplishments and republican vision of Thomas Jefferson which made America become a thriving nation of small, independent farmers, avoiding manufacturing and world trade, and becoming the richest and most powerful nation in the world in the 19th century. Eugene R. Sheridan focuses on Jefferson’s influence in Americas early development. Jefferson is the greatest and most intellectually consistent founding father, both respected and criticized inRead MoreComparing The Declaration Of Independence877 Words   |  4 PagesComparison Paper In comparing the Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury Baptists, The Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution, it is evident that the basis of all three documents is the idea that all human beings possess God given fundamental rights and that government is created to protect those rights. The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, is the first of the three documents penned. This is of great importance because it defined the rights of liberty and